Building Ecological Regenerative Agriculture and Societies

ISS is the lead partner of BERAS India and coordinates its activities through a network consisting 13 different stakeholders as founding members under the supervision of BERAS International Foundation. BERAS India secretariat has been fully operating since 2014. The objectives of BERAS India are to support small farmers and small food and fiber business following the universal concept of ecological regenerative agriculture, diet for a green planet and sustainable food societies. The network is spread through Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry (Population of 60 million, of which 70 % are in rural area, of whom 80 % are small farmers.) BERAS India currently consists of 23 active partners from various fields – non-governmental organizations, universities, research institutes, associations, academic institutions and biodynamic farmers, policy makers in the state and central government, producers, traders and local communities.

A Tamil book on Ecological Recycling Agriculture guidelines for farmers and advisors has been prepared. Link to the book? Publications Page? Or else write: Find out more on beras website :

Organic and Biodynamic Farm

This 31 acre farm provides fruits, vegetables, milk, paddy and other food grains for the community. The farm is certified as conforming to Indian NPOP standards of organic agriculture by IMO Bangalore. ISS is making efforts to attain self-sufficiency in production of milk and vegetables for the community. The farm also provides various organic fertilizers, pesticides and weedicides for its own consumption and that of the community. ISS Community includes the school, the boys and girls homes and the ISS community centre.

Free Eye Camp for senior citizens

Once every month free eye-camps are conducted for the poor people in the Kadavur valley. Free Eye Camp is the result of collaboration with the Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai. On the third Saturday of every month doctors, nurses and technicians of Aravind Eye Hospital come to Sevapur and render free eye care service to the community.

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