ISS is interested in addressing the issues pertaining to Water, Health and Waste Management in rural schools by popularising/scientific literacy/awareness creation on the technologies. Towards this process ISS promoted the following standardised technologies in 5 rural schools & villages in Kadavur Block of Karur District so as to capacitate children and community on “Eco & Wash” futures, with the support of Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

  • Water conservation & recycling – Waste Water Filtering Unit
  • Imparting knowledge of local herbs – Bio Dynamic Genetic Garden
  • Clean drinking water – Biological water purification unit
  • Solid waste management – Biodynamic CPP and Vermi compost preparation unit
  • Menstrual Hygiene – Sanitary Napkin production and usage
  • Recycling waste papers – Eco Friendly Handmade paper making unit

The schools chosen for the purpose were Annai Lea Higher Secondary School, Sevapur, Government Higher Secondary School, Kadavur, Government Higher Secondary School, Palavidhuthi, Government Higher Secondary School, Tharagampatti, Panchayat Union Middle School, Idayapatti

The Overall Project Objectives of this effort was:

  • To create awareness and to teach appropriate solutions in the areas of water, health, environment in the rural schools and villages through promotion/application of Science & Technological interventions.
  • To establish functional units in the schools for mass popularisation/training on Water purification/ filtering techniques, and Solid & liquid management for health & hygienic environment.
  • During the year the models have been established in the 5 schools and it is proposed to equip and strengthen the schools to maintain and sustain the efforts with in-house systems and structures in place during April/May 2015 with the view to ensuring sustainability.

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