Foster Children Scheme

ISS primarily considers itself a children oriented welfare organization and works to providesocially and economically underprivileged children with quality education, life skills and a better childhood. The ISS children welfare programme popularly known as the Foster Children Scheme (FCS), has been going on since the time of Mother Lea. Under this scheme ISS currently looks after the upbringing and education of nearly 302 children. ISS ensures that the children are equipped with education and/or training for a minimum of two years after finishing school. That serves the purpose of increasing the youth’s chances of employment and possibilities to take care of themselves and their families when they leave the FCS programme.


The ISS parent organization SAWES, based in Belgium, supports 180 children and the UK based Joe Homan Charitable Trust supports 90 girl children. Indian donors sponsor 7 children and 25 children have their education and stay payed for by their own families.

The Foster Children Scheme includes the

Annai  Lea Higher Secondary School    Annai Lea Boys and Girls Homes

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