Message from the President

As an Executive member and the Interregnum President of ISS, the following message is presented with pride and privilege, presaging the need of dire necessity for cementing the multifaceted establishments of ISS, founded by Annai Lea Provo’ ever incumbent, and votary of Shantidas, (Lanza del vasto) an ardent disciple of Gandhiji.

Annai Lea Provo’s steady, high-minded, compassionate, services to abject people and ill – fed people was acclaimed then. Her attainment got exemplified on settlement of two villages Sevapur and Vinobajipuram, launching multifarious services centers for the betterment and empowerment of the down-trodden.

This couplet of Tamil saint- poet. Thiruvalluvar brings to light that the efforts of the persons bent on uplifting the people shall have the voluntary blessing of the creator, the Almighty. Consequently Annai Leo Provo’s indomitable, selfless sacrificial services to the deserved, with Peace, Strength and Joy, has since been supplemented and supported by the world community, such as Sawes, Joe Homan Charitable Trust, SOFIA and other funding agencies, confering unstinted co-operation all along the support base provided by the philanthropic agencies has since been properly and fruitfully utilized with diligent care and intelligent endeavour.

Here we are duty bound to record that the dedicated workers of the ISS Community, serving in the agricultural sector, have made up their mind to plan and perform, producing the crop-yields commensurate with the sustainable needs of the,to accomplish Gandhian aspiration of self reliance and self sufficiency .

Likewise, the staff members of The Annai Leo Hr.Sec.School have chalked out teaching techniques for immediate execution, transforming the book centred one to pupil – centered education, by means of life – centred comprehensive work – experience in various fields, as stipulated by Gandhiji. We hope that their self- ordained new venture will fructify, manifesting towards fulfillment and be exemplary to the teaching community as a whole.

We pray the Almighty to bestow his benediction, grace ,compassion to all members, of ISS to prolong their service sincerely for the bright future of the society.

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