ISS wishes to THANK all those who have offered their unstinted and continuous support to the organization in different ways.

Below follows a short presentation of Inba Seva Sangam’s main international supporters followed by the recognition of all those who have offered their support for the work of ISS during the year of 2015-2016.


SAWES is the parent organization of ISS. The Belgium-based organization supports the education and living costs of 180 children. Thanks to the help from SAWES generators and solar water heaters have been installed at both girl’s and boy’s hostels. SAWES have also provided audio- and video-communication to the children and three mopeds have been donated to ISS and its projects. 


Joe Homan Charity aims to help disadvantaged children and improve their opportunities and lifestyle by encouraging them to obtain education, and vocational training to develop their self-esteem, thus enabling them to break out of poverty. The organization is based in the UK and raises funds from individuals and support groups in the UK and across the world. As of today Joe Homan Charity supports the education and living costs for 90 girl children through ISS.


Association SOFIA is an umbrella organization for a variety of different project groups in Sweden. SOFIA’s work is focused within three main areas; environment and cultivation, science of education and pedogagy, and care and welfare. Inspired by anthroposophy Association SOFIA works with international development cooperation together with local organizations around the world aswell as in Sweden.


  • Textile Designs and Werkunst – Germany
  • Zukunftsstiftung Entwicklung – Germany
  • BERAS International Sweden


  • Gandhigram Rural University
  • Shri A M MMurugappaChettiar Research Centre – Chennai


  • Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi
  • Woman Develop Corporation (Mahalir Thittam)
  • Kadavur Panchayat Union Office
  • IOB – Kadavur and Tharagampatti
  • Tamilnadu Mercantile Bank- (Ayyalur)
  • THADCO – Karur
  • Forest Department – Karur
  • NABARD – Karur
  • District Education Office – Karur
  • Chief Education Office – Karur
  • Primary Health Centre – Kadavur
  • Agriculture – Extension Office – Tharagampatti


  • Gandhigram Trust
  • CIRHEP – Centre for Improved Rural Health and Environmental Protection, Nilakottai
  • Muhil – Movement for Universal Health Integration & Liberation, Thirumangalam
  • Karmuhil – Thirumangalam
  • Kudumbam – Pudukottai
  • ADISIL – Agrarian Development Institute for Sustenance and Improved Livelihood, Thirumangalam
  • Provigallyyakam – Kadayanallur
  • AHIMSA – Association for Human Integrated Massive Social Action, Vaiyampatti
  • ECOPRO – Auroville, Pandicherry
  • MDGA – Madurai District Tree Growers Associations, Madurai

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